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recruiting process

Securing a scholarship is not an easy task.  The process is long and challenging. However, once secured, it offers a great reward.  If you have not gotten started yet, the best thing you can do today is to contact us to start your journey.

Send us an email: . You can also call us to any of our phone numbers in our Contact Page or fill out the contact form in our Contact Page . We will be sure contact you back right away.

When does the recruiting process begins?

For a High School student, the ideal time is to start the recruiting process is during their Freshman and Sophomore years. The application and selection processes to US Colleges and Universities have very concrete requirements and time windows.  During these windows, the information must be presented in a timely manner, aiming to achieve both the admission and scholarship. To continue, foreign students are required to take the SAT or ACT exams in addition to the TOEFL.  These tests will determine your level of education and understanding of the English language. These exams are mandatory. In summary, not starting this process at the right time may delay your access to college.

​How can I get my information to coaches?

Without a doubt, the most important tool is to make a high quality video highlighting your talents and abilities. Full game footage is also a major component to the process.


College coaches are extremely professional. They seek the best student-athletes to represent their university and sports program in a first class manner.  We need to do our best to meet their requirements.


We use the Internet and YouTube as the path to present yourself to the coach. Getting a scholarship requires us to present you in the most professional and impacting way. This field is very competitive as many student-athletes send videos to college coaches. Usually coaches do not have the time to evaluate all the different videos and DVDs sent directly to them. It is common for the Head Coach to have his/her assistants to analyze the videos for a final evaluation. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to make a high quality video showcasing your talents and abilities. Hence, they will see that you are presented to them by a consultant team that understands their needs


Our videos are made with the patience required to create a great high quality highlight video. This is the most important step and the base for everything we do afterwards.  We analyze the videos you send to us. After analyzing the videos, we pick the most representative "cuts" that display your abilities and talents as a player. We then caption them with the correct wording related to your sport. Once the video is produced and sent to the school, we follow up with the coaches to canvas, explore, and promote you as a candidate.  We take great pride in representing you and that feeling is transmitted to the coach.

What type of College or University shall I be looking into?

This is a FUNDAMENTAL question.  There are over 3,000 Colleges/Universities in the United States. From an athletics standpoint, a college or university will be affiliated with one of these three organizations/associations: NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA.  There are over 1,000 colleges in the NCAA and more than 350 in the NAIA. With so many, it is practically impossible to reach them all. Due to this, we filter the list based on your educational, athletic, and personal desires.

Traditionally, from a collegiate standpoint,  NCAA Division I is the most prestigious. Many American student-athletes wish to attend Division I schools, hoping to reach potential projection into professional sports. However, we need to keep in mind that 90% of the colleges/universities are in the NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, and NJCAA. Furthermore, only 1% of the 10,000 athletes playing in the NCAA Division I will reach the professional level.

The statistics show us that "in the majority of the cases" the focus should be to aim at obtaining a student-athetle scholarship that will give you the best possible education. Remember, there is a life after one is done playing their sport.

Your USA experience will be UNIQUE. It is not only what you learn, but how you learn it. There are very many universities and colleges which can offer you an unforgettable experience and the base for your future growth. At  USABECA, we work with you to achieve that goal.

What shall I do next?


Send us an email: or call us to any of our phone numbers in our Contact Page or you can fill out the form in our Contact Page and we will call you back.


Your recruiting process by an American University and your education adventure begins with this first contact!

Down below you can see a table with a partial summary of the recruiting process. These rules are only for NCAA Division I and Division II schools. NCAA Division III and NAIA follow different rules.

Also, by clicking on the green button, you will be able to see the differences between NCAA/NAIA. Here, you will see which sports are offered and the amount of scholarships in those sports.

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