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about uSABECA

Hello! My name is Manuel Ignacio "Miggy" Alvarez. I am the founder of USABECA.

If one were to ask me what are the fundamentals for a person's success, I would say it is twofold: family upbringing and the education one receives at the university level.  Both are the foundation of building your own personal success.

Studying in the United States opens the door to many opportunities. It is a unique experience of individual growth and allows you to learn about new things, discover opportunities, and most importantly, grow as an individual. It is not only what you learn, but how you learn it. This sole combination can create a very bright future.

To study in the United States is to live in the United States. It allows you undergo a unique change of life, learn about new things, and become fully bilingual. The American educational system is home to some of the best universities in the world. One of the reasons the US educational system is so appealing to foreigners is due to the ample range of resources offered to students. Academic Resource Centers (ARCs) are offered in every university. These centers are staffed with professionals, who help and guide students in any area he or she may be struggling in. It is known that the most successful students use these resources to help them reach their ultimate potential. 

I have walked that path. I was born in the United States, however; I lived in Madrid, Spain for eight years before moving back to the States. It is there where I finished my middle/high school years and graduate with a degree with in Sports Management / Business Administration.

Manuel "Miggy" Alvarez. Founder of USABECA. Speciliazed in obtaining Student-Athlete US College Scholarships

Throughout my educational years in the United States, I was a “student-athlete.” A student-athlete is someone who studies and plays a sport at the same time. I graduated from the University of Miami, I worked for the men’s basketball team as a student-manager. Miami has one of the best collegiate basketball programs in the country and competes at the NCAA Division I level. Miami is also a member of the ACC conference. Although, I am very proud to have graduated as a "Hurricane", Miami is just one of the very many excellent schools and programs available in the American collegiate system. During my career I have worked for some excellent coaches. The American College Sport Coach and his/her staff are extremely professional and committed to their jobs. They seek the best they can find to represent their university and sports program.  You will be proud of them once you join their organization.  We must to do our best to meet their rigorous requirements.


I have also worked in the NBA as a Basketball Operations Facilities Associate for the Orlando Magic. Both experiences allowed me to work and learn from some of the most prestigious coaches and athletes, some of which are current players NBA players and professionals overseas. 

​I have a deep knowledge on how collegiate athletics work. Some of this knowledge includes how to obtain sport scholarships for foreign student-athletes.

With all this acquired knowledge, I am ready to advise and guide you in finding the best possible destination, both from an academic and athletic standpoint. This in turn will allow you to fulfill the ultimate experience of studying and playing in the United States.

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