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How USABECA can help yoU.

Our Services

Due to our life and experience in the United States, USABECA is the ideal representative for you to try and obtain a scholarship that will make your educational dream a reality. Not only do we speak native American English, but also we speak the coaches "language." We understand what they seek from a recruiting standpoint and then are able to match their needs from an athletic/academic standpoint. 

With offices in the United States and Spain, we coordinate all the aspects of your scholarship application.

These are the following steps:

Preliminary Study Assessment


Here, we analyze and assess several factors: your age, current high school grade, what you would like to study, the sport you play, your level as an athlete, understanding level of the English language, and SAT/TOEFL exam results (if you have taken them). With this first evaluation, we generate our recommendation. If agreed and accepted by you, this will then guide us to the next step and the universities we should be targeting.


​Please contact us by email: You can also contact us on Contact Page either by the phone numbers provided or by filling out the form. 

Recruiting Process


After our preliminary study, we then step into the recruiting process. There are several important factors in order to make your process a success.​


1) ​High School Grades


Having good grades is very important during the recruiting process. Before being admitted to a university, you will need to demonstrate what your grades are. This is referred to as your GPA. The higher GPA you have, the more opportunities you will have. One cannot play for a certain university if he/she is not admitted. If an international student, we will need to have your grades translated to English. 


If you are an international student, you will be required to take both the SAT/TOEFL. The SAT will test your level of education and the TOEFL will test your understanding of the English language. Again, the higher scores you score on these exams, the more opportunities you will have. We have websites that can help you prepare for the SAT. Remember, the more you practice, the better you will do.


3) Recruiting Profile/Footage 

At USABECA, we will create a recruiting profile for you. This recruiting profile will consist of your personal information, high school GPA, photos, and footage. The footage will compromise of a highlight video demonstrating your abilities/talents and full game footage. You can find more detailed information about this on our INFO IMP tab (click on grey recruiting process tab). ​


Our goal is to find you the best possible university for you and your family. Once you make a decision, also known as "committing", you will at some point sign your National Letter of Intent (NLI). The NLI is a document that contains the scholarship you will be receiving for that specific university. 

Admissions/Visa Paperwork


Once you commit to a university sports program, several other processes  come next. 

1) Admissions

During this process, you will apply to the university. High School grades and SAT/TOEFL scores must be submitted. If the requirements are met, you should be able to gain admission.

2) Visa

If you are an international student, you will be required to secure a student-visa from an American Embassy. This visa will allow you to entry and to stay in the United States to study and compete for the university you have chosen. 

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